Where goest the Nik?

Cynthia and the Nik (to be named
Julietta or Giulietta, still deciding)
Some months ago I sold my Castagnari Nik in order to purchase a Dino Baffetti three-row in flat keys. This week I asked the buyer -- who I will call "Cynthia," since that's her name -- if she'd send a picture along of the Nik in its new habitat.

Cynthia reports that she is loving the box, and that she is settling on a name for her (a phenomenon worth commenting on in another post). A bandmate recently taught her Stephane Delicq's, Les Novis. "I am still very much a novice, but the enthusiasm and will are there. With such a beautiful sounding instrument nudging me on, I know I'm in good hands ... and so is she."

They do, indeed, both look happy.

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