Préhistoire du Folk

Though it sometimes sounds like an affectation, I'm careful to disclaim extraordinary expertise about this music. I am fascinated by it. I love it. I play it ... I know quite a bit more about it than the average American bear. Yes, but every once in a while I am reminded about how much I do NOT know.

I've had a link to Préhistoire du Folk in the relevant links column since this blog began. Today, the owner of the site -- Jean-Marie le Bas -- contacted me about my La Roulant post. So, I went over to check out Préhistoire for the first time in some months. The concept of the site is very simple: it's a documentary of the owner's record collection, mostly vinyl. It's massive and beautiful.

But you do get to a point where you're thinking, "Wow, that's a lot of great music I will never hear."

And when you get to that point, banish that thought! As I scan through Préhistoire I am not encountering music I won't hear, only music I have yet to hear. And Préhistoire brings it that much closer.

Below are some of the intriguing items from Préhistoire that I just may hear one day in the future. Thank you, Jean-Marie!