Vivant: Tree of Life

I wrote about Vivant -- the duo of Clive Williams, melodeon, and Mark Prescott, violin -- some months ago, including some lengthy commentary by Clive himself! At the time I was enthusing about their first recording. Clive mentioned that a second disc was in the works. It's here.

Tree of Life builds on the strengths of its predecesor with a sort of whirling romantic simplicity. There's a bit more of the melancholy here then on the first. And at one point these English and French tunes actually evoked a Russian winter to me. Though that could simply be because I'm reading Dostoyevsky at the moment (for which this recording provides a perfect soundtrack).

This isn't meant to be a proper review. Rather, I'm hoping to call your attention to beautiful work being done by two artists in a way that suits the music, the instruments, and me. Go to Vivant's bandcamp page to stream, download, or order.

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