Castagnari Nik (G/C) for Sale (SOLD)

UPDATE:  Arrangements for sale have been made!

In order to meet my wider musical goals, I'm putting my beloved Castagnari Nik (G/C) up for sale. It's in perfect condition, comes with original straps, and the Castagnari box. A two row, 8 bass machine, two-reeds tuned MM, "American Tremolo." What does all that mean? It means an amazing simple box with a lovely sound.  I love this box, but having two quality boxes in G/C doesn't serve my needs. I'm asking $2000 for this box. A new box of the same type goes for $2365 at the Button Box. I would also take a good quality F/Bb/Eb (Baffetti, for example) box in trade, if one were offered.


Here's a video:

And another:

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