Andy Cutting's Boxes (Pics!)

Discussing his non-collection, Andy Cutting sent along pictures of some of his accordéons. Not pictured are any of the three Mory boxes, which are somewhat ubiquitous in Cutting's photos.

One of the Maxes, the Pokerwork, the Mignon, and ... what is that with
the stradella bass? Is that the Crimean thing from John Tam?

The Oakwood
I also asked Cutting about acquiring a D/G Castagnari Lilly "by accident." He tells the following story:
I ordered a D/G Lilly for a friend. A few months later it arrived. My friend was delighted then a couple of weeks another one arrived. I couldn't very well send it back so I kept it. I now lend it out to people who want to have a go at playing the the box.
This makes a bit more sense than the Lost Weekend I was envisioning -- where you wake up with unexplained accordéons in your home -- and reveals a not very surprising generosity of spirit!

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