Tribute: Jean-Michel Corgeron

Jean-Michel Corgeron has been quietly instrumental in the world of tradFrench accordéon music for as long as I have been aware. As a diatonist and transcriber, Corgeron has had an intimate relationship with Trad Magazine, and is credited with inventing their accordéon tablature. This tab system has become one of two standard systems in wide use (the other is from the CADB, a breton accordéonist collective). The first time I saw his name was as the transcriber for Frédéric Paris's Cahier de Repertoire, so influential to my own development.

Recently, via a Facebook update, I discovered that Corgeron had posted the first album by his quartet, Bouffée d'Airs, over on Sound Cloud for free streaming. I urge you to go HERE and check it out. That recording, and much more, can be found at Corgeron's Franches Connexions site.

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