"La Bourrée" (Introductory Essay)

I originally published this in batches, but the whole tunebook is available here.

Some years ago, at John Merrill's bookshop in Hallowell, ME, I ran across this gem:  Recueil de "La Bourrée": Chants & Danses Populaires du Massif Central, published in 1929. My original thought had been to re-typeset it using a publishing program and MuseScore, but -- with five kids, a new job, and a doctoral program -- I simply don't have the time. So I asked my daughter, Brigid, to photograph the book, and I'll be publishing the entire artifact here. I invite anyone who's interested, to use these images to create a more web-savvy presentation.

If this can be interpreted as a cry for help, then this next section very likely requires the most heavy lifting in terms of translation. Here is the introduction to the book.

Page 7
Page 8

Page 9

Page 10

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