Monday, April 25, 2011

Accordions and a Certain Kind of Woman

Apparently, accordionists were, at one time in history, very desirable to a certain kind of woman, as this sheet music cover suggests.

UPDATE: I had lost track of where I found this picture. The web site is the Typologie des instruments à vent. Here's some of the accordion material. (Thanks to Chris Ryall.)


  1. Dude, I told you!! You thought I was joking, didn't you?

  2. I read somewehre ajoke about accodionists:

    What's the accordionist best contraception plan?
    His personnality

  3. Is there a large scale copy of that poster? It would look great on my staircase.


  4. I'm pretty sure it's the cover of a piece of sheet music, not a poster. I'm trying to track down the website where I originally found it -- and a bunch of other archival materials -- but it appears to be down.