Sunday, March 6, 2011

Accordion Building Workshop

In February, in Norway, at the Rauland International Winterfestival, international folk music doings were abundant. Among these doings, accordionist and singer Emmanuel Pariselle led a "build your own accordion" workshop for twelve extraordinarily skilled crafters. Norwegian photojournalist Knut Utler, who has a fascination with folk music, recorded the event. The full album of pictures from the workshop can be found here.

Emmanuel Pariselle leading the "build your own accordion"
workshop. Photo by Knut Utler.

Three treble ends in process.
Photo by Knut Utler.


  1. Stupid question from a novice #2: the most striking thing to me about these photos is just how much metal is inside these instruments. Has that always been the case?

  2. We are born on the wrong place ...
    I'm french and live in Brittany, love old time music and play clawhammer banjo ... amazing is'n it ?
    Your site is great and you make a good job !!!