Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lester Bailey's Tune-a-Rama

Over on denizen Lester Bailey has announced that he's hung his shingle as an accordion repairer and tuner.  Certainly, if you're near Wendover Bucks (UK) and you find you've got a melodeon in a state of disrepair I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Tune-a-Rama. If not, I would still urge you to the site to read the stories of Lester's melodeons. Very charming, it's like a phenomenology of melodeon acquisition. Elsewhere on the site, Lester has recordings and videos of himself and his various melodeons playing Morris dance tunes.

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  1. Alright, Professor Chapin, here's my latest in what will be a long line of questions from a novice. The history of the bellows that you've published so far seems almost entirely centered in England and France. This goes against my (assumingly incorrect) impression that Italian, Greek and Spanish folk music (maybe I should just say Mediterranean music) always seemed to have some sort of bellows wheezing in it somewhere. Are the European southerners the thieves of their northern cousins' genius?