Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Last Accordion I'll Ever Buy?

Just received from the Button Box a Castagnari Nik (G/C) "on perusal." I've taken a turn in my eternal quest for "the last accordion I'll ever buy," and gone away from the three-row, full-stop big machines. Saw this on the Button Box web site and just swooned for the idea of a simple, light two-row in the French keys. Also ... y'know ... Castagnari. Color me slave to fashion.

Under my fingers, the thing feels ... like something that ought to be discussed using inappropriate metaphor. It's just effortless. The tuning (called "American Tremolo," not sure what about it is American) is very sweet. Even wife Bethany -- who is very supportive, but more critical about quality issues than I, and far less likely to fall for an object like this -- can't imagine why I would send it back. So I spent the evening making videos. The first is a French scottish written by Sylvain Piron. It's called Charlie in honor of Charlie Chaplin. The second is a Breton waltz (don't know the title), which I got from Daniel Thonon's CD Trafic d'Influence. Enjoy.


  1. Very nice! Are you replacing your Saltarelle with this box? Or do you want to have two G/C boxes?

  2. Thanks!

    I intend to keep the Saltarelle and the Castignari, and get rid of the Hohner and the Giordy (interested???). So, instead of having four G/C boxes, I would have two. Crazy, I know. I have thought of a C/F box, and my first was A/D. But these are the boxes that come to me.

  3. And there's nothing to say that, in the future, I won't become enamored, again, with the three-row big box.

  4. Congratulations on the new addition to the Chapin household. It has a nice, warm sound.

  5. Thank you! But perhaps premature! Still trying to figure out financing.