Corrupting Influence

As so many folk songs say, "You sailors take warning!"

I'm currently in a doctoral program at the University of Maine, and it happens that one of my advisors, Richard Ackerman, plays piano accordion. On the last day of class, he suggested we bring our accordions and jam a bit during break. We did, and it was good. I'm French trad, he comes from boogie woogie piano ... we meet at the schottisches. Shuffle and lope along. A good time!

Apparently, one of my colleagues was deeply impressed, went out and bought a small piano accordion. He had come from Wisconsin and loved polkas -- he had asked me to play a polka -- and the accordions had just made him very "happy." Fantastic! My goal exactly.

Still ... the slope is a slippery one.  Consider the consequences! First you're making a guy happy with your polka. Then he's buying piano accordions, and not even consulting his wife about it. I like to think she would have steered him to a button box.

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