Bernard Loffet Recordings

Just had some coin to spend so I treated myself to downloads of Bernard Loffet's two CDs, Action! and Moteur! and, honestly, I can't say enough nice stuff about them.  I got them on Amazon for $9 US each. They are top notch Breton music, in every way.  Action! it seems, was recorded at an actual dance, and the shuffle-ish feet action really adds to the energy.  The recording is very clear, and the melodeon sounds amazing.  What a sound his machines get!  Also, Action! features a pach pi that I recently put on YouTube ... I'm not saying it means anything ... just had one of those, "Hey, I play that!" moments.  Moteur! (the older of the two) begins with Perroch's "Scottish du Regret," done very nicely -- cocktail accordion style -- with a lot of swing and variation.  The rest is a marvelous clinic of Breton accordion.  And, again, beautiful sounding accordions, beautiful playing.

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